Coming Next: FluxCBD

Before I started Flux by Jake, I built my first business in Washington, DC, where I lived for 5 years prior to moving to San Diego: Reif's Treats. Reif's Treats was (is) a cannabis bakery. I had a network of clients who I baked fresh weed cookies for, and had built up a solid operation.

When 2016 came and upended politics in disastrous ways, it seemed full legalization, and thus my dreams of opening a brick-and-mortar store, were off the table, at least until the end of this debacle.

So I made the decision to move out West, where I had always planned to go eventually, with a dream of one day opening a Reif's Treats Cafe, Bakery, and Bar. Baked goods and coffee in the morning and CBD & THC cocktails at night.

But this dream, I knew, would take time. Operating in a state with full legalization meant many more formal obstacles, which meant more time and money.

Flux by Jake was a plan to pivot to my other love, art, to sustain myself and hopefully start building capital for my Reif's Treats dream.

As I've grown this business, though, I've realized there was no reason to keep them separate. Flux is about building a brand around what I love and inviting everyone to join in on the fun. 

With that in mind, I've decided the next step will be to add a new dimension to the Flux brand: CBD.

With this new vertical, I hope to focus on educating those interested on the benefits I've found using CBD for both myself and my dog. I'll take a look at various CBD products and make some recommendations. And maybe eventually offer some of my own products.

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