Fear of Failure

Entrepreneurs fail. That's what I've always been told. Watch an episode of Shark Tank and you're sure to hear horror stories of deals gone awry, homes mortgaged, money sunk. You have to fail before you can succeed.

But that's not quite my story. I've always been too afraid to fail that I haven't left myself any room for it. Anxiety controlled my life for so long that I would calculate even the most minor risks until the potential reward was so small that it felt like nothing. And that felt like failure.

I've started started many projects with visions of greatness, only to pivot to a new one when it felt like things weren't going anywhere. But the truth is, they were, and I just wasn't giving myself the credit that was due.

And so, while I embarked on a "new" career as an artists just months ago, I felt terrified, again, that this might be a spectacular, embarrassing failure. 

Then I realized something. Nothing here was really new. These projects I've been working on and feeling stuck on were just sitting there, waiting for me to tap back into them.

Flux isn't just change; its continuous change. Its a flow. 

And when I stepped back I realized its time to connect those streams and build a place for me to express the full range of who I am, and to welcome folks to join me if they feel like this is a place that can help them grow as well.

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