Believe it or not, this project of mine began as a cannabis edibles bakery in my kitchen five years ago.

Reif's Treats, as my company was called, was my first attempt at taking control of my destiny by pursing my passion. Baking was art and sharing cannabis was more than drug dealing. It was a way of helping people. I was also bartending at the time. The longer I did that, the worse I felt serving people alcohol. Weed is what I believe in. I preach the gospel of THC and CBD because of what it has done for me and my mental health.

I loved doing Reif's Treats, but DC was not ready yet for what I really wanted to do.

So I made the move out to San Diego to continue my journey. Without the resources or licenses to hit the ground running with Reif's Treats 2.0, I shifted gears to the second phase of my business: Flux by Jake.

Fluxgear wasn't so different than Reif's Treats. Just trying to make money off of my creativity. The idea was to build out a lifestyle brand. Help bring people together. And I think It's worked.

I haven't quite hit that lucky break where a celebrity wears your design and suddenly youre at the Met Gala--but that will come, eventually.

For now, it's time for the next move.

With Flux420, Im bringing my two passions back together. I can't really tell you exactly what you will see; I don't even really know yet.

But this will be the incubator for my ideas. You can watch my brand grow in real time AND be a part of it. You could even come and steal my ideas. But that would be foolish, because I will do it better. Might as well work with me.

Flux420 will be a place for cannabis-themed art and design, merchandising and branding. If you're part of a THC or CBD company, I'd love to work with you to add some flair to your brand.

Flux420 will also be a place for talking about cannabis. I'll offer reviews of CBD and THC products, as well as whatever musings come to mind. And we'll talk about the future of Reif's Treats.

So follow along. To get the best experience, follow all of my channels. Instagram (@reifresh and @fluxgear), twitter (@fluxbyjake). Subscribe to my email list (see the homepage. You can also get the social links there).

And if you want to be a part of this, by all means, reach out.

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