Music Festivals and EDM Shows and Circuit Parties

I worked at a bar for four years, but I've never felt like bars were a place for me. Bars feel like a place made for extroverts. You're supposed to get off your phone and meet people. Meet everyone. You are supposed to drink and dance with everyone. Spending time against the wall by yourself is frowned upon. Alcohol flows and is the 'social lubricant' meant to grease the wheels. 

If you're an introvert, you force it. Because how else are you supposed to make friends or meet potential mates? If you find that hard to do, just drink more. Take some shots.

I don't want to judge or disparage the folks who feel comfortable at bars, but that's just not me. When I'm behind the bar, serving drinks, I feel safe. But when I go to the other side, I don't.

Then I discovered EDM. And the gayer equivalent, circuit parties. Electronic Dance Music is its own kind of social lubricant. People bond over music and feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether at a show or an entire festival, there is an aura of freedom to be who you are. You can dance in a group, or dance by yourself. You can meet new people or hang back with old friends. Or just be by yourself. 

Circuit parties tend to get a bit wilder, but are still based on riding the wave of the music and are no-judgment zones. These are places build more for introverts.

Drugs, of course, are a part of these scenes. But whether its alcohol or an alternative, a drug is a drug and its up to the individual to use any recreational substance responsibly.

For me, even with the social lubricants, it's the music that brings people together. And the art.

These festivals aren't just music festivals. They are art festivals. Costumes and outfits and totems and lights. The artist on stage makes art for the ears. But everyone participates in the art for the eyes.

This is how I got to the point where I started taking my art and putting it on clothes, especially rave gear. I recently launched the first of my LED GLOW shoes, with the "Avicii" design. I love the idea of being able to make apparel for friends to wear at shows and light up their surroundings with bright florescent color.

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