Pride Month: Time to Thrive

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, but it's time to step back and see where we are about 6 months into this journey.

This is Pride month, an important and meaningful month for me, because coming out as gay 8 years ago was one of the struggles that has defined my life. So it's fitting that this month is a time of reflection for me.

I've been down on myself at times recently, because I was sure that by now things would have taken off and gotten easier, if not easy. They haven't. This is not an easy thing to do, and I've probably been too hard on myself.

Still, what I have built is a real company with a real following and a real demand for what I am offering. What I have built has been enough to survive. But to continue, I must thrive.

That means working even harder than before to sell my work and build a sustainable business. That means asking for help when I need it. It also means fighting back hard against self doubt.

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  • Keep it up, dude! Your patterns are awesome and fit perfectly into the EDM scene. Starting a business is a really hard feat. I believe in you! If you ever need a thought partner, hit me up! Live in LA and run multiple businesses. ❤️


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