What does it take to build a brand?

To be honest, this experience is both thrilling and terrifying.

I left my job and my friends back in Washington, DC because I needed a change. I needed to set my own path and set my mental health on a track not just to stability, but to happiness. 

I had money saved from bartending and from starting my first business that I've been using to pay my bills as I attempt to build myself a revenue stream based on my belief that my art can not only make me happy, but make others happy as well.

I've gotten incredible support from both those who love me and those who have never met me before but have seen what I'm doing and recognized something worth supporting. And I am incredibly thankful for that.

Still, appreciation and praise doesn't pay rent. So as I spend my savings, it can be stressful to see only a sale here and a sale there. Views and clicks I can get, but getting people to pull the trigger and click that "buy" button is more difficult than I had thought it would be.

So how do I build a brand that people will not only look at and say, "oh that's pretty," but will also say "I want that on my wall" or "I need that hat" or "those shoes are exactly what I need for my next music festival"?

Frankly, I don't know. I've spent hours researching marketing and asking folks for advice. I think I'm doing things right. Maybe I am. But I still lie awake at night afraid of what happens if my savings run dry. I know I can go back to bartending to make ends meet. But I also know that this, not that, is what I want to be doing. And the ability to focus on this goal is key.

So what I'm left with is a struggle with myself to hold my self-confidence together. I know that I've got a product that can sell. I know that I've got a brand that people will want. I just have to find those people. Or ask the people I've already found to take a chance on me.

So if you've somehow stumbled onto this blog, and you're thinking about pulling the trigger on something you have your eye on, know that each sale is more than just some money in my pocket. It's an investment in me. It's a boost to spirits and energy in my fuel tank.

So thank you for taking the time to support me in this crazy experiment.

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