The Artistic Process

I love making art. I love the process. I love the feeling of a completed work. Each piece is personal to me in the most intimate way. While abstract, my paintings, to me, tell a story of a moment in time. How I felt. What I was thinking. I don't sketch. I don't draw out my plan for a painting before I set down my brush for the first time on a fresh canvas.

I let my mind take me where it wants to go. Sometimes I'm not at all satisfied with that direction. Sometimes I have to step away from the canvas for a moment. Or a day. Or a week. Or a month. Or a year. When I return to it, I have a fresh perspective and start on a new direction.

When I finally reach the end, if I finally reach the end, I often find it difficult to part with my new creation. A painting is a piece of me. Each stroke of acrylic is a memory. For years I kept all of my art to myself. I never sold it. I rarely gave it away as gifts even to my close family.

But then at some point I realized that I needed to share it with the world. Not just because I thought I had something unique to offer. And not just because I thought I could make money off of it. But because as some point the weight started to bear down on me. The collection was like emotional baggage. The collection IS like emotional baggage. I still have most of it.

A good chunk of my artwork is now up for sale on this here website. But not all of it. And I'm not quite sure when its going to find the audience that wants to take it home. But at least I put it out there. At least its no longer all hanging on my wall staring down at me.

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