Why CBD?

As I blogged about a little while back, one of my focuses on this website that might seem to be a little more divergent from the art theme will be CBD, or cannabidiol. 

I've now started to fill out that page a bit with a video introduction to my experience using CBD for my anxiety, and a link to a recommended place to start if you're interested in giving CBD a try.

For me, CBD, and cannabis generally, is tied closely to my art in that they are both part of my anti-anxiety regimen. While art can soothe my soul, CBD helps sooth my physical body.

Most people who have tried marijuana or who regularly consume it are used to THC and its psychoactive effects, but have little knowledge about CBD. While I am not a doctor, scientist, or researcher who can give you an expert opinion, I do hope to provide more information about my own personal experience with CBD and how I believe it has helped me regulate some of my day-to-day anxiety to be able to function more as myself in otherwise stressful situations. I hope you'll take a look at the video in the FluxCBD section of my site.

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