Why Your Purchase Matters

Have I caught your eye? I’m so thankful you’ve decided to give my wearable art a look.

The next step, of course, is to make you a part of the Flux Fam. You might be a little apprehensive. I get that. My stuff isn’t traditional and will definitely stand out.

But if I can, I ask for you to consider just a small purchase. Even just a bandana or a fang pack goes a very long way for me, a tiny fledgling business.

Every purchase is an investment in me. Every purchase sends me that notification that brightens my day. It gives me that wonderful feeling that I might just be able to make my dream come true.

So thank you.

And if you’re still not ready to take anything home, that’s ok. Maybe you can just leave me your email (see the homepage). Or follow me on Instagram or twitter or Facebook. Any of that helps. This is only possible because of y’all.

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