Crafting CBD Cocktails

What is CBD?


My Recommendations: 

CBD Vape PenVape Pens: Select CBD offers disposable vape-pens in a selection of delicious flavors. My personal favorites are the spearmint, peppermint, and lavender flavors, but I've tried the lemon and grapefruit as well and they are delicious. Puffs of the vape are low doses so you can have a few whenever you feel a bit of anxiety. I've never used cigarettes or nicotine, but these vape pens might offer a helpful and healthy alternative to those who do.






CBD DropsHemp oil: CBD hemp oil is available unflavored or in several flavors that can be added to food or drinks, or just placed directly under the tongue. This allows for a quicker effect. This is the most versatile way to consume CBD.


CBD for petsCBD for Pets: Select offers CBD oil flavored and dosed for pets, not just humans! I have been giving my pup, Rayden, CBD for over a year and it is amazing for him. Ray is a three-legged pitbull, full of life and love but also anxious at times. CBD helps him relax in the same way it helps me relax. It doesn't tire him out or make him lethargic, but it does help him destress after a long day out on adventures with me. I can tell he loves it by the big smile on his face.